Linking Wisconsin's School Libraries & Classroom: A Guide for Integrating Information & Technology Literacy

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Linking Wisconsin's school libraries & classroom: A guide for integrating information & technology literacy.

Barbara Steffan, Ed.

If your school or school district is interested in developing opportunities for information literate students, this guide is for you. On first glance it appears to be another overwhelming document but a more careful look reveals a vast collection of unit aides for the teacher and teacher-librarian to use as they collaborate through an information literacy program.

Appropriately labeled `The Link', the loose-leaf format is divided into three main sections. The first section is a collection of papers that discuss the basic elements of information literacy. This background knowledge is written concisely by scholars and practitioners in the field. Areas such as the role of the library media specialist (teacher-librarian), collaboration, resource-based learning, information process models, assessment strategies and program evaluation are are discussed with references for further reading included with each paper. …