Linda Jones Enterprises Utilizes Signature Mark

Article excerpt

IRVINE, Calif.--Linda Jones Clough recently announced that her company has approved and implemented the use of an original signature mark on all art that would formerly have been hand-signed by her father, legendary animation director and creator, Chuck Jones.

The SigTech signature equipment, manufactured by Automated Signature Technology of Sterling, Va., was selected to apply the original signature mark.

"Chuck Jones, 88, has generously signed his name as our most revered authenticity mark well more than 150,000 times," said Clough. "Collectors have become as accustomed to looking for that mark as they have for the seal and certificate of authenticity. Although he has decided to utilize his time drawing and painting, rather than signing limited editions and production art, my father has enthusiastically endorsed the decision to use a machine-written version of his original signature as a continuing authenticity mark."

Clough continued, "This mark, in fact, is his personal signature, which he personally selected from a variety of choices. It will, of course, be utilized under the strictest security measures, leaving no possibility of mishandling. …