Supporting Peace, Justice & Equality

Article excerpt

The convening of this conference, the first Arab Summit within the framework of regular convention of the Summit Council of the League of Arab States, promises much tot Arab solidarity and joint Arab efforts and makes us optimistic al)out a bright Arab future that promises greater closeness and cooperation, underlining the vitality and greatness of the Arab world. This enables it to play its role as a source for human civilization and a strong supporter of the values of peace, justice and equality. The idea of regular convention must not be a goal in itself', but rather a means for reaching achievements and desired objectives. In this regard, we should realize the necessity of changing our approach and methodology for dealing with issues lacing the Arab world.

The first thing that we should realize and understand is the importance of not treating mistakes lightly or overlooking them, but rather we should confront them and address the imbalance that results from these dangers and pitfalls that fill our contemporary history. Dynamic nations are those that build their renaissance and nobility on the treasure of the values and ethics they possess and make them the reference point that governs their behavior and illuminates their path. It is particularly unacceptable for us to disapprove of others double standards and dubious conduct while we overlook these short-comings in our dealings with each other.

On the other hand, and within the framework of our efforts to enhance the mechanisms of the joint Arab efforts, we must also realize that integration among our countries cannot be reached without paying a price and without the willingness to sacrifice in the context of dealing with each other provided that the final result is in the interests of all. The interests of all can only be guaranteed by the achievement of each country of real gains through the integration among us. In turn, this will not be realized if each county's goal is to get everything without the willingness to sacrifice anything.

Our Arab world is facing grave challenges, chief among them the killing, destruction and siege faced by our brothers in Palestine at the hands of Israel's occupation authorities in an attempt to stop the brave intifada and prolong the occupation. …