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I always use condoms with my boyfriend but they're constantly splitting. What can we do about it?

Studies have reported condom breakage rates of over 1% - and they can slip off twice as often. All brands with the European standard mark are tested for quality and strength, so the reason they break is unclear. Australian researchers have suggested that if a man's penis has a large girth then condom splits are more likely, but length doesn't have the same effect. Your boyfriend can't really change his physique, but he can shop around to find a condom that fits well and then he has to make sure he's putting them on properly. For more guidance and to find a range of condoms in different shapes and sizes check out the Condomania website at

I can't get my husband to go on holiday. He doesn't like foreign food and hates the sun. Why can't he understand that I'm desperate to get away?

Why do you want to go on holiday with him anyway? There's nothing worse than being away with someone who's constantly moaning because they'd rather be at home. Your partner has the right to stay put but you have an equal right to go abroad. If he won't budge, leave him behind. Sort yourself out a holiday with a friend or with a large group such as an activity holiday. If he complains about you leaving, invite him along - you can get an omelette and chips in most countries. Just because he doesn't want to see the world, doesn't mean you can't.

I hate the summer. I get really bad PMT and it seems to get worse in hot weather. What can I do?

Three quarters of menstruating women experience some symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and a third of them are affected every month, 7% severely. These symptoms include mood swings, tender breasts, a swollen abdomen and food cravings. A hot summer may make you twice as uncomfortable and exacerbate your irritable mood. …