District's Modest Budget Hike Plans Extensive Upgrades

Article excerpt

Byline: Graham Buck Daily Herald Staff Writer

The $53 million budget that the Arlington Heights Elementary District 25 school board will vote on at the end of the summer covers an extensive plan for educational upgrades while coping with a decrease in federal and state aid.

The anticipated expenditures, a 4.5 percent increase over this year's budget, will go toward a slate of new curriculum materials, an expansion of the district's gifted program, new computers and a renovation of Patton School.

Administrators are proposing the spending despite the fact that the district will not receive some governmental support it has in the past. The district will lose more than $400,000 next year through the expiration of several state and federal grants and a decrease in Medicaid costs, said Mary Kalou, assistant superintendent for business.

"We expected those decreases, so we have planned for them," she said.

The 2001-2002 budget, which will be considered for adoption Aug. 24, still will provide for a long list of new programs and facility improvements that affect all of the district's schools. …