Accountant's Guide to the Internet-Second Edition

Article excerpt

By: Eric E. Cohen

ISBN #0-471-3584-7

Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Reviewed by Linda Haynes, BA; Birch Bay

Tax Time

This book is both an educational text and reference resource. As pointed out by the author, the Internet is growing and changing so fast, it is nearly impossible to precisely describe at any one point in time. The book goes way beyond the use of E-Mail and accessing World Wide Web sites. It is probably not the best place to start for persons who are still unfamiliar with Internet basics. However, most accountants and other financial professionals should find it very useful for getting up to speed on, and/or expanding their knowledge of Internet technology. It is filled with good business development ideas, and presents tangible ways that the Internet can be used to improve communication, marketing, data transfer, office efficiency, and professional research. Specific examples of accounting-related electronic commerce are presented, as well as discussions of security and privacy issues. …