Library's Expansion Contingent on Hall Proposal

Article excerpt

Byline: Graham Buck Daily Herald Staff Writer

Laura Luteri likens Mount Prospect's downtown municipal block - with the village's library on the north end and the village's senior center on the south - to a bow tie.

As both the village and the library contemplate major redevelopment projects for the block, both sides have to ensure that the finished product is both architecturally and functionally cohesive, Luteri said.

"We've got to make sure that each side of the bow tie is even so that the knot in the middle is straight," the library board president said.

The library board is pushing forward with its expansion regardless of the outcome of the village's controversial proposal to knock down the popular senior center and build a new village hall.

But if the village eventually decides to go ahead with its $13.5(million project, the library not only has more options for expansion, but also must make sure that its development blends with the rest of the new construction on the block, which is bounded by Emerson Street, Busse Avenue, Central Road and Main Street. …