Mayor Webb to Address Annual Leadership Summit

Article excerpt

This is the fourth in a series of articles revolving around the issues and topics that will be presented at the Ninth Annual Leadership Summit, scheduled for August 16-18, in Broomfield, Colo. Denver Mayor Wellington Webb will address summit participants on the leadership challenges of local officials as he focuses on Leading Your Community with Character, Courage and Credibility.

First elected mayor of the City and County of Denver in 1991 and now serving his third term, Mayor Wellington Webb has led Denver through an era that has been consistently characterized as a time of great vision, energy, progress, growth and economic transformation. Mayor Webb will share his leadership model for local officials as he addresses the participants of the Ninth Annual Leadership Summit on Friday morning, August 17.

As a result of Mayor Webb's vision and successful transformation of Denver, he has been recognized for his leadership by numerous organizations during his tenure. On May 18, Mayor Webb was honored with a special Presidential Citation during the annual convention of the American Institute of Architects. The AIA citation stated that Mayor Webb was "a true leader" and acknowledged him as a "man of principle and courage."

In his remarks to the AIA convention, Mayor Webb said, "There are enormous opportunities for creating community. But they are opportunities - not guarantees. Fulfilling those opportunities requires focused civic and government leadership." Webb also acknowledged that, "Americans are more transient and disconnected today than in the past. Three-generation households and one-job careers are becoming increasingly rare. So, our cities are even more important to our sense of community and identity."

Mayor Webb will discuss his vision of Denver and how it has focused on the four cornerstones that he believes supports a successful American city. Moreover, his comments will closely tie in with the presentation by Carnegie Mellon University Professor Richard Florida on the Power of Place and Community, as both Webb and Florida will engage summit participants with consecutive presentations on Friday morning.

NLC Executive Director Don Borut said, "We are delighted to have Mayor Webb's involvement in the Leadership Summit this year." He continued, "Mayor Webb's leadership and innovative efforts for the City and County of Denver are truly inspirational for all local elected officials across the United States."

Under Mayor Webb's leadership, the City of Denver has been recognized by a number of publications and organizations as one of the best American cities. From 1994-2000, Denver has been cited as One of the Top American Cities in Fortune Magazines' annual `Best Cities' survey. In March 2001, Child Magazine named Denver The Best City to Raise a Child and recently City and State Magazine named Denver One of the Top Three Cities for Sound Fiscal Management. For the past six years, Ebony magazine named Mayor Webb as one of the one hundred most influential African Americans in the nation.

Mayor Webb began his distinguished public service career in 1972 when he was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives, representing his boyhood neighborhood of northeast Denver Mayor Webb is president of the National Conference of Black Mayors and a past president of the United States Conference of Mayors. He has served as a board member to the National League of Cities; and is a current member of the NLC Advisory Council.

The Ninth Annual Leadership Summit, scheduled for August 16-18, in Broomfield, Colo., is NLC's premiere leadership development program for local elected officials. The Leadership Training Institute presents an innovative and dynamic program that is designed to enhance your success and appreciation of your leadership role and responsibilities. …