YOUR LUCK'S IN; as Jupiter, the Planet of Good Fortune, Moves into a New Cycle, Lynne Ewart Tells You What to Expect

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Byline: Lynee Ewart

WHAT does Jupiter's new cycle mean for those born under the water signs of CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES?

CANCERIANS such as Richard Branson, Jerry Hall, Colin Montgomerie and Pamela Anderson have perhaps endured some tough times recently, where work, health, skills, all sorts of things that have always been taken for granted, have let them down. Since June 21, there has been the start of a rebirthing chapter under the long-lasting effects of a solar eclipse. Now comes the big fortune-bringer planet Jupiter to up your luck, Cancerians, and give you a year of wider horizons, successful training and re-honing of skills, regeneration of health and vitality, new jobs, new love, new joy. Wedding bells, major travel, personal triumph and even baby news could brighten the coming year for Cancerians, so no matter what happens this Friday, mark my words, that tide is turning in your favour.

SCORPIONS and PISCEANS are very much in harmony with this Jupiterian energy. For SCORPIONS, including actors John Cleese and Meg Ryan, it could bring financial success through overseas connections, marketing and advertising and the printed or spoken word, through legal work and in the world of travel. Scorpios will enjoy a new sense of freedom, and perhaps find a home overseas. Some may wed abroad over the next year.

PISCEANS are destined to find true love if it hasn't already arrived, to celebrate baby joy, like comedian Ford Kiernan, wedding bells ringing for yourself or, if you have grown offspring, for your children, who will bring cause for pride one way or another. Your luck is high and if you are creative, like model Eileen Catterson, use that skill, turn a hobby into a career if you'd like to. Some Pisceans will opt to make family their career for a time, while fame and fortune seekers could get lucky.WHAT news does Jupiter have for the year ahead for the Fire signs of ARIES, SAGITTARIUS and LEO?

ARIENS, who include actor Ewan McGregor, may be moving to more comfortable accommodation or, like singer Victoria Beckham, making your existing home more livable. Your family may be expanding, too, in some instances due to the arrival of a new in-law. It's a time of renewed closeness in your family circle. Foreign property links go well.

PRINCESS Anne and Terry Wogan are both LEOS, many of whom may be about to step back from something that's been all-encompassing and take stock, perhaps deciding it's time to enjoy a little privacy in personal life. Many will enjoy new happiness, taking life at a different tempo. Some will have hospital connections which may be long-awaited. Look for important changes in a child's life.

SAGITTARIANS, such as singer Britney Spears, are ruled by Jupiter and are likely to make lifestyle changes. This is a special year for togetherness plans, ideal for family man Robson Green. Some will tie the knot, start a family or buy a home. Financial fortunes may alter through a partnership. There is potential for increasing joint income. Jupiter encourages spending, though, so keep it wise. Family business ventures could be rather successful, especially across the generations.AND what of the fortunes of those born under the three Air signs of GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS?

GEMINIS, who include actresses Nicole Kidman and Liz Hurley, have seen some big changes in the last year, especially around partnerships, as Jupiter has travelled over your sign. His liberating effect now follows on into the finance sector of your chart, which is due a bit of a boost, possibly through what a partner is doing, perhaps all your own work. There could be legal matters arising around family, children and property. Some Geminis will move house, possibly as a direct result of partnership developments. …