Health Zone: Testing the Theory; You've Got to Hand to the Experts, They're Right

Article excerpt

FINGERS Musical talent

MUSICIANS often have ring fingers that are longer than their index fingers. David Sheringham, 23, from Chiswick, West London is a classically trained singer and can also play the cello and piano. His index finger is 72mm and his ring finger 80mm. This is a ratio of 0.92, and denotes masculinity, musical ability.

David says: "I've always been musical. My ring finger is definitely longer. I've always had music in my genes, so there might be some truth in it."

BIG HEAD Intelligence

GENERALLY the bigger your head the cleverer you are.

Carrolle Jamieson, 42, is from Leytonstone, East London. Her head is 23 inches, large for a woman, and her IQ is 161, considerably higher than the average 100. This puts the IT consultant in the top one per cent.

Carrolle, who is a member of Mensa, says: "I've always had trouble finding hats that fit. The report is very interesting. Women's brains are supposed to be smaller than men's. But I see them as the 'palmtop version' - concise and more efficient!"


Prostate cancer

MEN with narrow shoulders are more prone to prostate cancer. …