PRICES SLAP IN FACE FOR UK CAR BUYERS; Models Made Up the Road Are Dearer Here Than Abroad

Article excerpt

Byline: peter magill

MOTORISTS in the UK are still paying up to 60percent more than their European cousins for new cars, it emerged today.

Surveys by the European Commission show that prices were highest in Britain for 52 out of 81 models examined, including some marques built in this country.

But car giant Peugeot, which builds the 206 at the Ryton plant, today insisted that its models offered "value for money."

A Peugeot 206 GTi costs pounds 14,100 if bought in the UK. But elsewhere in Europe, it can be bought for as little as pounds 11,750.

Researchers found that a Fiat Marea, on sale in Britain for pounds 9,197, can be bought in Denmark for pounds 5,583.

A Land Rover Discovery ES, constructed in Soli-hull, costs pounds 34,729 in the Uk, compared with pounds 26,913 in Europe.

And a Longbridge built Rover MGF sports car, at pounds 14,311, is estimated to be 40percent more expensive.

The European survey findings come a year after a Competition Commission report confirmed UK customers were paying far more for new models than buyers in the rest of Europe. …