DAJA-SC, Information Paper, Subject: Support to Private Organization Fund-Raising (2 June 1998)

Article excerpt


2 June 1998

SUBJECT: Support to Private Organization Fund-Raising

1. PURPOSE: To provide information on a Post Commander's ability to have fund-raising activities in support of a non-Federal entity (NFE).


a. A Post Commander may provide logistical support to NFE fundraising activities on his installation only if he has obtained permission, in advance, from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The reason for this rule is that most NFEs are affiliated with the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). As such, all fund-raising by the organization should be within the context of the CFC. This rule would also apply to a local chapters which are affiliated with the CFC. [ NOTE: OPM has indicated that, generally, it will not approve exceptions for fund-raising outside of the CFC.]

Example: The local Amvets chapter, a CFC affiliate, wants to host a fund-raising 10K race on post and asks for logistical support. Without OPM approval, the Post Commander cannot approve either the race or the support.

b. The exception to this general rule is when the NFE fund-raising event is in direct response to an OPM approved emergency or disaster relief appeal.

Example: A branch of the local river has flooded in a nearby community. The President has designated the area eligible for Federal disaster relief, and OPM has announced that Federal agencies may allow employees to collect food, blankets and funds to assist victims of the flood. The Post Commander may authorize soldiers and employees to use official time and resources to collect donations to be given to the Red Cross for relief in this disaster.

c. OPM permission is not required if the event raises gifts-in-kind such as food, clothing or toys, rather than funds.

Example: The United Way sponsors a Food Bank for needy families. They have asked for access to the post housing area to conduct the collection. The Post Commander can approve the request.

d. OPM approval is not required if the fund-raising does not occur in the Federal workplace. The Federal workplace includes, by definition, the entire DoD installation. The installation commander may, however, designate limited areas as public places on the installation where similarly situated groups may solicit funds. …