Army Chief of Staff Memorandum, Subject: Policy for Travel by Department of the Army Officials (May 28, 1996)

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May 28, 1996


SUBJECT: Policy for Travel by Department of the Army Officials


a. Memorandum, DEPSECDEF, 1 October l99S, subject: DoD Policy on the Use of Government Aircraft and Air Travel.

b. Memorandum, SECARMY, 8 December 1995, subject: Policy for Travel by Department of the Army Officials.

2. GENERAL. As the Secretary stated in reference 1. b., "Travel of government officials is a matter of serious concern and one that lends itself to intense public scrutiny." To that end, I encourage senior Army leaders and their key staff to become thoroughly familiar with the provisions and requirements for travel at government expense, and require senior military travelers to actively participate in the travel approval process. This policy supersedes Chief of Staff, Army Memorandum, subject: Policy for Travel by Department of the Army Officials, dated 8 August 1935. It implements specified policies and procedures provided by the Secretary of the Army in reference l.b. Significant changes are italicized


a. Reference 1. a. requires Service Chiefs, or their designees, to review and approve requests for travel on military aircraft by DoD senior officials within their service. "DoD senior officials" are general or flag officers and civilian employees of the Senior Executive Service or equivalent. An "Authorizing officials must review and approve DoD senior official MilAir requests prior to travel to ensure the proper method of transportation is used.

b. Four-star General Officers, and the three-star Commander of U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC), may act as their own Authorizinq Official for MilAir travel.

c. For Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) and Field Operating Agencies (FOAs) and Staff Support Agencies (SSAs), the officials listed below are designated as Authorizing Officials for operational support airlift (QSA) requests from senior official4 within their commands or organizations. Further delegation of this authority is not authorized.

(1) Vice Chief of Staff

(2) The Deputy Chiefs of Staff

(3) The Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management

(4) Chief of Engineers

(5) The Surgeon General

(6) Chief, National Guard Bureau

(7) Chief, Army Reserve

(B) The Judge Advocate General

(9) Chief of Chaplains

(10) Commander, U.S. Army Military District of Washington (MDW)

(11) Heads of FOAs and SSAs (major general or equivalent and higher)

The Authorizing Official for those senior officials listed above is the Director of the Army Staff (DAS). The Vice Chief of Staff, Army may act as his own approval authority. MilAir requests will be processed through the Aviation Staff Officer, Office of the Chief of Staff, Army (ATTN: DACS-DMC-A).

d. For other headquarters, Major Army Command (MACOM) Commanders (major general or higher) are designated as Authorizing Officials for OSA requests from senior officials within their: commands. MACOM Commanders may delegate this authority in writing, without further delegation, down to the Major General level. Except for four-star generals, and the three-star Commander of USARPAC, senior officials may not approve their own MilAir travel. The DAS is the Authorizing Official for MACOM commanders who are not 4-star generals. Process MilAir requests for MACOM commanders other than 4-star generals through the Aviation Staff Officer, Office of the Chief of Staff, Army (ATTN: DACS-DMC-A).

e. The senior traveling official will personally sign all MilAir requests, unless the senior person is an invited traveler The senior official may not delegate signature authority, in which case the "requesting official" will sign regardless of rank or position.

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