Points of View: Assessing the Aspects of Voting Open to Abuse

Article excerpt

IN recent times Sinn Fein has welcomed the ideas of introducing an ID card for voting. It is good news to know that democracy has been given more security with the possible introduction of such an ID card.

I think it is vital that all votes in a democratic society are 100 per cent genuine. Many precautions should be taken so that fraud and impersonation during elections are avoided. Otherwise, those that gain in elections may have done so through fraudulent behaviour.

To further safeguard fraudulent electoral behaviour from occurring, I believe that the current systems of postal and proxy voting are wide open for mass electoral fraud. These systems are not safe and must be examined for the sake of democracy.

It would be a huge blow to society if certain individuals and political parties were gaining political success through fraud and impersonation.

Analysing the recent Westminster and local elections throw up some extremely concerning statistics. There were many more proxy votes used this time around and almost 15,000 proxy votes went into the West Tyrone and Fermanagh/South Tyrone areas. …