W. Chicago Resident Complaining about Dogs in Cemeteries

Article excerpt

Byline: Jake Griffin Daily Herald Staff Writer

Neighbors of a West Chicago cemetery are worried that the final resting place of many of the city's forefathers is going to the dogs.

"Oakwood Cemetery is turning into a dog park," said Greg Majewski, who lives across the street from the cemetery. "Going through the cemetery is like walking through a minefield."

Majewski complained to the city council that unleashed dogs were defecating in the cemetery and the dogs' owners weren't cleaning up after them.

John Reynolds, the city's cemetery sexton, said both city cemeteries are near residential areas and are heavily traveled by pedestrians with dogs.

"I wouldn't say the problem has increased, but it's always been steady," he said.

Oakwood Cemetery is located near the heart of the city at Oakwood Avenue and Garden Street. Glen Oaks Cemetery is adjacent to Reed-Keppler Park on Arbor Avenue and abuts a row of houses that line Honeysuckle Avenue.

"Everybody in this neighborhood has dogs, but they're all very careful," said Kathy McDowell, a neighbor of the Glen Oak Cemetery. "I walk through there all the time and haven't noticed anything. If that is happening though, that is nasty to think people would do that."

West Chicago Police Chief Gerald Mourning said dog owners could be cited for not picking up after their pets.

At Glen Ellyn's Forest Hill Cemetery, dogs are sporadically seen carousing. …