Personally Speaking; A News Letter Reader Wishing to Be Known as DEMOCRAT Writes on the Marxist Roots and Principles of Republican Ideology

Article excerpt

MARXISM is much in the news these days, now that three Irishmen travelling on false passports have been seized in Colombia and accused of having fraternal relations with an armed revolutionary terrorist group controlling a large area of the country.

A terror group which is avowedly 'Marxist'! This is not surprising, as many people here have long insisted that the various strands of the Irish Republican Army are themselves 'Marxist', that is to say, owe their very existence to the revolutionary concepts of Karl Marx as outlined in his huge volume of writings (which included reference to the need for violence, if necessary, to forge any ''worker's government'').

It is important to remember this root cause of the war here, for the current armed republican armies in Ireland have published in their constitutions their right to establish an all-island republican socialist state, by force if necessary, but through politics where more helpful!

Too many Irish citizens on both sides of the border think that the republicans are 'green' and only wish to erect a United Ireland with freely organised democratic parliamentary elections. Not so! Their desire is to 'struggle' politically or militarily for a One-Party state of communised style as seen in China, Cuba and North Korea. In other words, to shoot their way to power once the political struggle is exhausted and, once there, be sure they will so alter the political structures that they can never be dislodged!

This has to mean that they will never give up their weaponry, except perhaps for some token gesture.

If we allow Northern Ireland to be weakened militarily (and with police forces decimated), then we slowly hand ourselves over to those who, following Karl Marx's ideals of change (outlined in his Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital), will sweep away such governments as we have in Belfast and Dublin, and substitute them with a dictatorship which can produce such horrors as we watch in Zimbabwe. …