Literature Degree Helps Eisner Creative Director

Article excerpt

Byline: Kate Royce

With her degree in Theater Literature from Yale University in hand, Michelle Roufa headed off to New York to look for work. Not on Broadway, but at a public relations agency.

The career in public relations didn't last long. Ms. Roufa, 32, soon switched to advertising. She was hired three weeks ago to work as Eisner Communications' new creative director of broadcast media. She was the former vice president at Cliff Freeman and Partners in New York.

"I am really excited to be here. There's a lot of energy in this place," she says. "It's a great feeling to be here. I feel they have a lot of respect for me and I have a lot of respect for them."

She says though she has always loved writing short stories and plays, what she learned at Yale turned out to help her out in the advertising world.

"I managed to fall upwards. I feel it helped me to write scripts better, to get down the rhythm of how people talk, and how they talk with one another," she says.

As creative director of broadcast media, she oversees the development of radio and television ads from the script stages to their production. …