BLAIR'S FEARS; We Know They Would, If They, Could, Go Further and Use Chemical or Biological or Nuclear Weapons

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TONY Blair yesterday warned that international terrorists must be hunted down before they can launch nuclear or chemical warfare attacks.

In a special emergency debate in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister made it clear the serious threat he believes the world now faces from suicidal fanatics.

Blair told the packed benches of the Commons that Tuesday's horrific events in America should be seen as a warning.

He said: "We know that these groups are fanatics, capable of killing without discrimination.

"The limits on the numbers they kill are not governed by morality. The limits are only practical or technical.

"We know they would, if they could, go further and use chemical or biological or even nuclear weapons of mass destruction."

Blair said international efforts had to be made to clamp down on states which trade in such weapons.

He added: "It is time this trade was stamped out. We have been warned by the events of the 11th of September. We should act on the warning."

The Prime Minister also warned that states who harbour terrorists would be targeted.

Blair said: "The objective will be to bring to account those who have organised, aided, abetted and incited this act of infamy.

"And those that harbour or help them have a choice, either to cease their protection of our enemies or be treated as an enemy themselves. …