Stranger Opens Her Home to Me 3 Single with Standfirst and Mug of Almu; Warwick University Student Almu Cros Writes from New York

Article excerpt

I went to the British Consulate on Friday where they made me feel like an illegal foreigner, because I am half British and half Spanish. Even though I have lived in England for nine years, they don't seem to want to help me - or anyone.

As I queued to get inside the building, I bumped into two young guys from Manchester. They were genuinely upset, and said: 'Oh, God, don't even bother going in. They haven't done anything for us. All they give you is the phone number of transfer union and they might let you call home. That is it.'

Like me, they are running out of money and the hotels and hostels are still charging tourists to stay. I heard yesterday that American tourists in the UK are getting free food and accommodation, but here we are getting no help whatsoever. Surely the hotels and hostels could forget about money at this very, very difficult time?

Anyone with a human heart would waive the fees. I have heard the rumour that hotels near airports are charging three times their normal price.

I decide to try the British embassy. The guy at reception was quite kind. He calmed me down and gave me the famous Western Union number and an application form for help. …