Staff Warm Up for AS and A2 Level PE Exam; PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Preparing Way for New Curriculum

Article excerpt


THE introduction of new AS and A2 level exams to her school kept teacher and Welsh International netball star Emma Hanson busy this summer.

Ms Hanson, 25, teaches in the PE department of Llanishen High School in Cardiff, and spent much of her summer break preparing the way for the introduction of the AS and A2 Level exams in Physical Education.

"Preparation started last year when my colleague David Griffin and I spent a week in Chester with the OCR Examinations Board on a special course organised by the Surrey Consortium to give us an overview of the Advanced Level PE syllabus, " she said.

"After completing this initial research and having selected the subjects that our students will study, we visited OCR again this summer. Joined by 150 PE teachers from across the country, my colleague and I then spent a week analysing the specialist subject areas that will form the basis of our PE course when it is introduced this term."

Ms Hanson and Mr Griffin, who both teach children aged 11 to 18, spent the remainder of their summer break planning and mapping each section of the course for the next two years.

Ms Hanson said, "As well as studying practical elements of sport, students will also have to cover a variety of demanding academic subjects, including anatomy and physiology.

"I am expecting the pupils to find these subjects very challenging, since the existing GCSE syllabus does little to prepare the groundwork for them, particularly in relation to identifying and being able to pronounce the technical names of the various body parts. This is an obvious shortcoming which my colleagues and I have been working hard to address in time for the new academic year."

Common to all new-style Advanced Level exams, year one of the course will lead to an AS Level in PE, and year two will lead to an A2 Level qualification. …