Space, Style and Convenience Are Recipe for Success; DESIGNS ON THE KITCHEN Advertising Supplement to Create a Culinary Masterpiece You Need a Kitchen That Satisfies Your Appetite for Design and Clever Ergonomics. Sally Jones Clears Away the Pots and Pans

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ALL the best parties end up in the kitchen - even if it's not big enough to swing a cat. People are drawn to it as though caught by a magnetic force, sucked into its epicentre, despite the host's protests.

"There are comfortable seats in the other room, " comes the faint cry as party-revellers are seduced by the kitchen's powerful lure.

It's a strange phenomenon, the kitchen. You either love it or hate it, usually depending on your culinary skills. With most kitchens, space is the key to a fulfilling environment, and choosing a design which suits your lifestyle is essential.

When giving your kitchen a revamp it's vital to take your time and seek professional advice. Visiting showrooms and getting a feel for what's in the marketplace, checking out the quality of the products and creating the layout which best suits your daily routine is part and parcel of a successfully designed kitchen.

Restyling your kitchen is a huge investment, but research shows that when you come to sell your property you will recoup 80pc of the kitchen cost; so although the decision on which kitchen to choose may be determined by price, in the long run spending that little bit extra will add value to your property.

Ask yourself simple questions, such as who is going to use the kitchen? Will it be used for tasks other than cooking, for example ironing, homework or entertaining? Will your pets sleep or eat in the room? Do you need to move a sink or boiler or need more worktop space? Are you planning to eat in there, for example breakfast at the breakfast bar? …