Military Tactics 'Likely to Be Similar to Those in Gulf War'

Article excerpt

THE tactics used in any military strike against Afghanistan will be similar to those employed in the early days of the Gulf War, military experts predicted.

Targeted air strikes backed up by special forces operations are the most likely options to be used by western leaders aiming to bring terrorist leader Osama bin Laden to his knees.

British jets and SAS forces are likely to join the US military in the impending attacks against the ruling Taliban and its hardware.

Military retaliation against bin Laden for the September 11 attacks has been on the cards since shortly after the atrocities and fighting moved a step closer yesterday as Prime Minister Tony Blair said he had lost patience with the Taliban regime.

Defence expert Mike Yardley said Mr Blair and US President George Bush would be in a position to fight now that special forces on the ground in Afghanistan had established where the main terrorist sites are.

He said, "It's been clear for some time that there were going to be attacks.

"We can assume that the special forces have been on the ground for some time and have been assessing the Taliban's strengths and weaknesses.

"They will have three main roles: as intelligence gatherers, as forward targeting officers guiding missiles on to targets by laser, and thirdly, and most interestingly, they may be used as snatch squads to capture bin Laden and his generals. …