Getting a Foothold in the Intellectual Property Market; Advertising Feature : MLT: Biotech Company Benefits from Patent Revenues

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COMPANIES in the biotech industry rely heavily on intellectual property for the successful exploitation of new technology and to provide a competitive edge for novel products.

Cardiff-based Molecular Light Technology (MLT), which specialises in the production of diagnostic systems to check environmental and human health, is a prime example.

The core technology underpinning the success of this technology relies on a chemical reaction that produces light. The light that is produced from this reaction can be quantified in a light-measuring instrument.

MLT was established in 1988 to assist in the exploitation of technology arising out of work carried out at the University of Wales College of Medicine (UWCM).

Patents held by UWCM cover the core technology, key applications of which have been successfully sub-licensed to two US companies.

One of the companies exploiting the applications of this technology is using it to screen blood transfusion banks in the USA to ensure that blood supplies are not infected with the Aids virus.

MLT continues to expand the applications of the core technology and to develop an intellectual property portfolio of its own. The company is already starting to exploit new opportunities in industrial and environmental monitoring, which will allow researchers in both academia and industry to assess the impact of chemicals on our environment and our health.

A significant development in the company's product line has been the introduction of a test system that enables the identification of chemicals that have potential hormone disrupting or toxicological effects on wildlife and on humans. …