Amazing Caves Open to Public; HOLIDAYS: Ancient Monument Is a Giant Treasure Chest of Natural History

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KENTS Cavern is situated in the heart of Torquay on the beautiful south coast of Devon.

It began its formation about two million years ago, initially by the movement of water forcing its way through cracks in the rock, and later the mud and rocks which had settled in the caves were covered with limestone dissolved and deposited by trickling water, creating the amazing formations seen today.

The cave was first used by humans and animals around half a million years ago - all the visitors over these years have left items behind, making Kents Cavern a giant natural treasure chest of historical interest.

It wasn't until about the 1820s that people started to realise the scientific importance of Kents Cavern or "Kents Hole" as it was then known.

A lot of the early finds and excavations were carried out by Father John MacEnery who named many of the areas on the cave map today.

The later work on excavating Kents Cavern was carried out by William Pengelly, a self-educated teacher whose first love was natural history. …