Quotations Make Tories' Speeches a Real Education; Man about the House

Article excerpt

Byline: Richard Hazlewood

TALKING to certain members of the Welsh Conservative Party is an education in itself.

In fact, at times it's probably best to consult an encyclopaedia to understand what they're saying.

Assembly group leader Nick Bourne set the trend this week, launching into a lengthy quote by Mark Twain during a fringe meeting in Blackpool.

He later switched to some words of wisdom from Oliver Cromwell when warning colleagues to stop bickering and show unity. Not to be outdone, colleague William Graham - the man who single-handedly sustains the Welsh floral industry by sporting a fresh bloom in his jacket lapel every day - chipped in with a few words of wisdom from 13th Century theologian St Thomas Aquinas.

Of course, when it comes to bigbrained references, you can always rely on David Melding.

DM did not disappoint this week, slotting in a reference to French existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre whilst reading a restaurant menu. Then again, perhaps the food was being prepared from Sartre's cookbook.

OUR pint-sized Tory chum Alun Cairns came in for a bit of stick for his dress sense this week.

Which is perhaps a bit unfair, given that he's always in tune whatever is en vogue - if you're into pin-stripe that is. …