Ivanov-Powell Interaction

Article excerpt

In the very near future, a representative delegation will visit Moscow, headed by the ministers of finance and trade of the United States. We welcome this visit to Moscow and are looking forward for this meeting to give an additional impetus to our relations both in trade and in economic areas and in the area of investments.

We paid considerable attention and devoted considerable time to the issues related to strategic stability. Unfortunately, since the time of the Ljubljiana meeting, we did not manage to launch particular and practical work of the working parties, both at the levels of the ministers of foreign affairs and at the defense departments.

From the Russian side, the composition of such groups has been nominated, and as soon as the U.S. side is prepared, we are prepared to begin substantive concrete discussions. We agreed with the Secretary of State to continue these discussions both during our forthcoming meeting in Hanoi during the APEC forum and within the context and fringes of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2001.

Of course, regional problems deserved considerable attention during our discussions. We are concerned with the developments in the Middle East, and we agreed to further closely cooperate with a view to a comprehensive settlement in the Middle East. We had a detailed discussion of the Iraqi settlement. We agreed to further our close cooperation, including in the Security Council that would enable us to agree on the solution that would result in the final Iraqi settlement.

Secretary Powell: This is the sixth opportunity that the Minister and I have had to get together in the six months that I have been Secretary of State. It is important to do it at this time to follow-up on the work of our two residents at Ljubljiana, Slovenia.

The Minister has given a comprehensive statement of all the issues we talked about so I will only touch on a few. First, let me note that Secretary Evans, our Commerce Secretary, and Condoleezza Rice, our national security advisor, will all be in Moscow next week to follow-up on the initiatives that were decided upon at Ljubljiana by President Putin and President Bush, and I think this is a positive step forward.

The Minister and I also had a very thorough discussion on strategic issues and the United States' desire to move forward with a new strategic framework proposal that deals with offensive strategic weapons and defensive systems of the kind we have been pursuing. …