How to Keep Kids Safe at School

Article excerpt

Byline: Devin Hester Daily Herald Staff Writer

A day after Batavia District 101 outlined plans to improve school safety, Dr. Scott Poland spoke at the high school Wednesday on the psychological aspects of a secure school.

At a school board meeting Tuesday, assistant superintendent Joseph Yagel listed ideas for improving school safety, such as putting room numbers on the outside of classroom windows so police and firefighters know where they need to go.

Poland said school violence can be curbed if parents and teachers listen to students more, get involved in their lives and get students involved in the safety of their own school.

Though almost 5,000 children die in gun-related deaths each year in America, Poland said schools are the safest places children go, quoting a finding that out of every 84 child homicides, only one will happen in school.

Poland said the Secret Service investigated 37 school shootings and found there is no profile for a school shooting, but all of them could have been prevented if parents had paid more attention or if classmates had warned teachers.

All shooters told their classmates what they would do, but the other students don't tell adults because they don't think it would happen, they were afraid of retaliation and they didn't want to get that person in trouble. …