Welsh-Based Artist to Research Cow Museum

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THE BSE and foot-and-mouth crises are to be documented at a new dairy cow museum and study centre.

Littoral Arts - an arts trust for social and environmental change - has appointed international artist Radovan Kraguly, of Builth Wells, and leading north-west architects Campbell Driver Partnership to undertake research for the project.

And they will be giving a presentation on plans for the museum and study centre at the international Grass Roots festival, which is being organised by the trust at Chipping, Lancashire, from Tuesday, October 23 to Saturday, October 27.

Mr Kraguly pointed out that the museum and study centre will be the first major cultural and education centre in Britain dedicated to the dairy cow and the history of dairy farming communities in this country.

He explained that the centre will link architecture and public art with sustainable farming practices and will include documentation of the BSE crisis and foot-and-mouth disease.

"The centre will also house a gallery documenting the dairy cow's place in art and associated iconography. An international collection will be assembled of artworks featuring cows, together with a photographic archive and online data about dairy cow projects elsewhere in the world, " he said. …