Leadership Training Council Hosts First LTI Luncheon at CoC

Article excerpt

NLC's Leadership Training Council will host a luncheon for LTI Seminar participants on Wednesday, December 5, at the annual Congress of Cities and Exposition in Atlanta. Not only will seminar participants have the opportunity to discuss their newly learned skills with colleagues, but LTI Seminar participants who are enrolled in the Certificate of Achievement in Leadership program also will be recognized.

As part of the luncheon, the Leadership Training Council will recognize participants in the Certificate of Achievement in Leadership Program. In particular, those NLC members who have earned the bronze certificate level prior to the 2001 Congress of Cities Conference will be recognized and presented their bronze certificate of achievement.

Each of the Bronze Certificate recipients will have completed a minimum of 16 credits in various LTI Seminars, covering each of the five core competencies. The Certificate of Achievement in Leadership program has four levels of recognition -- bronze, silver, gold and platinum certificate levels.

The National League of Cities is committed to strengthening and promoting the leadership capacity of our nation's local elected officials. Each year the Leadership Training Institute offers a variety of personal leadership development and training programs at both of NLC's annual conferences along with an annual Leadership Summit and other regional training programs. As part of the NLC mission to create stronger communities, the Leadership Training Institute has developed the Certificate of Achievement in Leadership program. …