Simply the Best Way for Regenerating; RECYCLING: Environmentalism Covers Wide Range of Issues

Article excerpt


LAST year Sustainable Wales was grant aided by the National Assembly's Sustainable Development unit to organise the massive all Wales Finding Our Voice conference and report on local democracy.

Simply the Best, its comprehensive guide to planning environmentally-friendly events that reach those who are usually marginalised or excluded has been adopted by the Assembly itself.

This indicates the way in which environmentalism has matured considerably in the past five years. No longer is it a series of worthy but unrelated issues.

The necessities of "sustainable development" mean that environmentalism has widened.

It now covers matters of local democracy and public consultation. It is intrinsic to the regeneration of communities.

Our nappy laundering service Gentle Touch is an illustration of sustainable development in action - creating local jobs, reducing significant amounts of waste, providing convenience and an opportunity to socialise for busy parents.

Write On! - a guide to developing office recycling and buying recycled paper policies has been described by Roger Thomas, Director Environment Agency Wales, as "groundbreaking - a must".

Sustainable Wales is based in Porthcawl, where its staff live. …