Senate Ratifies UN Convention; Transnational Crime

Article excerpt

The Senate, which goes on a two-week recess starting today, ratified yesterday the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (UNCTOC) and its two supplementing protocols to address the problem on globally organized crime syndicates.

Sen. Blas F. Ople, chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee and sponsor of the UNCTOC resolution, said the convention stresses international cooperation on the extraction, mutual legal assistance, joint investigations, transfer of proceedings, exchange of information, and other measures to promote global unity against transnational crime.

The convention, according to Ople, identifies four crimes commonly perpetrated to support transnational organized crimes: participation in an organized criminal group, obstruction of justice, acts of corruption linked to transnational organized crime, and money laundering.

The UNCTOC provides funds to support technical assistance to developing countries for the training of law enforcers, Ople said.

"Senate concurrence with this UN convention would open vistas of opportunity for our local agencies to link up with more sophisticated and technologically advanced countries in a global effort to fight narco-trafficking and other transnational crimes," Ople said. …