Job-Hunting Streamlined on Internet; TEACHERS: Applicants Can Register Online, Then Complete the Forms at Their Own Pace

Article excerpt


GRADUATES and people changing careers can now use the internet to apply for teacher-training courses and track the progress of their applications.

The service has been launched by the Graduate Teacher Training Registry and the Teacher Training Agency to help streamline applications for entry to the 2002 Postgraduate Certificate of Education.

Applicants can register online and then log in and out of the site to complete the form at their own pace.

The interactive service guides users through the application process, helping them to provide information accurately. This will help improve the efficiency of the system and ensure that universities and colleges receive the application forms more quickly.

The system, developed with funding from the Teacher Training Agency, has been designed in-house by Ucas, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. It will run alongside the paper-based application system already used by the Graduate Teacher Training Registry.

Training-agency chief executive Ralph Tabberer said, "Recruitment in the modern world means giving prospective teachers online applications and the ability to track their progress.

This new application system puts teacher training at the forefront of the recruitment market and supports the Government's drive to encourage e-business. The indications are that for the second year running there will be an increase in the number of people starting teacher-training courses this autumn. Online transactions will be vital in helping maintain the momentum for next year."

To complement the new application service, the Graduate Teacher Training Registry has launched a web-based tracking service that allows people to see how their application is progressing once they have submitted their form. …