Music + Technology = Profits

Article excerpt

Last year we celebrated the rise of African American media moguls such as Arista Records head Antonio "L.A." Reid. This year the artists who make the music take center stage, proving that they, too, have a knack for the business of entertainment. And they're doing it with a spin--embracing technology to prove that the Web isn't just for Internet entrepreneurs and dotcom CEOs.

Check in next month as we look at musicians, such as Prince, Chuck D, and Outkast, who are not only changing the way music is made but taking control of how it gets to us--and raking in their fair share of the profits in the process.

But we don't stop there. We also examine a new breed of black filmmakers who are taking on Hollywood in the distribution game. We highlight companies such as Urbanworld Films and Film Life, and other such entities facing the challenges of producing and distributing black films. But this issue isn't only about the big guys. Join us as we peek behind the scenes for a glimpse of those who really make Tinseltown run--the small business suppliers.

December will also have the usual high-quality financial fare you've become accustomed to--part two of our series on investing and advice on how to protect your 401(k)--among other interesting topics. It's an issue you won't want to miss.


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