Lorryloads of Gold and Silver Found in World Trade Centre Rubble

Article excerpt

Byline: Hugh Dougherty

Recovery workers at the World Trade Centre have found a cache of gold which has already filled two lorries.

The precious metal find may be part of the vault containing more than pounds 137 million in gold and silver which was buried under the twin towers when they collapsed. The vault was owned by the Bank of Nova Scotia, which held the gold and silver as security for trading international currencies in New York.

Today work was continuing to get at the gold, after the first two loads of the metal left under tight security last night.

Workers had toiled for two days to clear a delivery tunnel under the World Trade Centre, taking out tons of debris, a ten-wheeled lorry and several crushed cars. Watched by hundreds of heavily-armed Secret Service agents, FBI and police, they built a ramp into the tunnel to allow an armoured truck to drive in late last night. Workers were moved away from the area while the operation to recover the cache was under way. One said: 'If I tried to go down there, they would have shot me.'

The gold was being taken to a location guarded by security firm Brinks and the search was underway for its owners. The Bank of Nova Scotia said it did not know if its gold had been found last night and other firms are believed to have had gold and other valuables buried in the debris.

The find came as New York city bosses ordered police and firefighters to scale back their presence at the site.

Just 24 police and 24 firefighters will be left sorting through the rubble in the search for the bodies of the more than 4,000 still missing. …