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SIR - Gloucester 98, Caerphilly 14. If anyone needed any more proof that Welsh rugby needs to cut the number of professional clubs from nine to six or five, this result confirms it.

With all due respect to Caerphilly, they and other semi-professional clubs in Wales simply cannot compete on the big stage.

What I would like to see is five superclubs to be created to play in a fullblown Celtic League, with three in the Heineken Cup and two in the Parker Pen Shield.

Pontypridd, Bridgend and Caerphilly could merge to become Mid Glamorgan; Newport and Ebbw Vale become Gwent; Swansea and Neath become West Glamorgan; and Cardiff and Llanelli stand on their own.

I hope this happens for the long-term benefit and survival of the Welsh game. L W DAVIES, Bargoed

SIR - Amazing isn't it? Iestyn Harris scores 31 points in one game and all of a sudden the Welsh media think he's the greatest player ever to have played rugby.

David Bishop used to perform like this every week for Pontypool yet how often were the media screaming for his inclusion in the Welsh team at a time when it really was badly needed?

I've no doubt that Harris has the potential to be a top quality player for Wales but am I being cynical in suggesting that it is only because he wears a Cardiff jersey that he is being given the accolades he is getting? MICHAEL TURNER, Pontypool

SIR - After watching Iestyn Harris's superb home debut for Cardiff I think the WRU should go and buy some more players from abroad as they need a squad of them to win a major tournament.

They will have to do this. Hopefully none of the new recruits will have had anything to do with dull Welsh rugby prior to signing on like Iestyn. Only in this way will Wales get anywhere in world terms. RICHARD CLINCH, Cardiff

SIR - I have just finished laughing my head off at Jane Brussalis's letter (Bram's Bag, October 28).

Three thoughts come to mind: 1) Who is biased? 2) Who is whingeing? and 3) A non-try as play of the week? How about the football coverage on ITV starting a "near-miss-of-the-week" competition?

If Jane can't fathom the magnitude of a player of Iestyn Harris's calibre switching to union then she must know little about rugby.

After years of league clubs plundering union, the worm is well and truly turning.

Let's not forget the Cardiff-Llanelli game also heralded the return of Scott Quinnell - another player brought back from the dark side - and was covered in just as much detail.

Newport's uninspiring tussle with Swansea hardly credits the same highlights coverage since the entire game was shown live on Scrum V.

Newport rugby has received a wealth of coverage on Scrum V over the past couple of seasons, and quite rightly so.

Their new highly professional set-up is a credit to Welsh rugby. However, to complain about extended discussion of a Cardiff game on the grounds of bias is utter nonsense. …