]15Th Asian Conference on Mental Retardation

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THE Philippines, through the Special Education Division of the Department of Education, the Asian Federation for the Mentally Retarded, Inc., and the Philippine Association for the Retarded, Inc., is holding the 15th Asian Conference on Mental Retardation on November 11-17, 2001.

With the theme "Inclusion: From Vision to Reality, Policy and Action," the conference aims to enhance opportunities for inclusion - from early intervention to career education; to improve access to education, medical/health, psychosocial welfare, and support services; to restructure transition, teaching and learning, community networking, family empowerment, leisure and recreational network; to discuss emerging issues such as gender, aging, community and independent living; and to set policy directions in the education of the mentally disabled in the region.

Mental retardation is caused by any condition which impairs development of the brain before birth, during birth, or in childhood years. The major causes of mental retardation are the genetic conditions of Down syndrome and fragile X and fetal alcohol syndrome, as well as alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

The effects of mental retardation vary considerably among people, just as the range of abilities varies among normal people. …