Museum Matters

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The High Museum of Art recently acquired an extremely rare complete set of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's 1896 "Elles" series. The works are gifts of Irene and Howard Stein of Atlanta. Chief Curator David Brenneman stresses the rarity of the Steins' gift: "Color lithographs are extremely susceptible to the damaging effects of light, and most prints owned by other American institutions and collectors have suffered. The Steins' Elles series, however, is in pristine condition; the set has been virtually unchanged since it was issued in the 1890s. "The collection includes masterpieces such as "Moulin Rouge" (1891), Lautrec's first attempt at printmaking; "La Divan Japonnais" (1893) and "Elles," which depicts life in Paris brothels.

After three years and $24-million of renovations, The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore recently reopened to the public--its collections reconfigured, its galleries refurbished and a new four-story glass entryway opening onto the street. Inaugurating the new galleries are a series of special exhibitions, including "Wondrous Journeys: The Walters Collection from Egyptian Tombs to Medieval Castles."

It used to be called "tribal" or "primitive" art, but now the correct word in French for non-European art is premier (meaning "first"). …