C-130 Plane, Other US Military Aid Coming - Arroyo

Article excerpt

The United States government will send a C130 military plane on Wednesday as part of the initial $100-million military package for the modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), President Arroyo announced yesterday.

The President said the arrival of the C-130 transport plane is the first fruit of the US military aid to the country, which she acquired during her nine-day working visit to the world's superpower.

Speaking before some 6,000 participants in the 17th Philippine Advertising Congress in Cebu City, the President cited the fruits of her talks with US President George W. Bush on stronger security and economic cooperation.

"We agreed on the modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and on programs to combat Southern Philippines and global terrorism," she said.

The US military assistance includes a robust training package, equipment needed for increased mobility, a maintenance program to enhance overall capabilities, and a new bilateral defense consultative mechanism.

The government has also secured modern equipment such as a $15-million cyclone patrol boat, 30,000 M-16 rifles, and 100 6x6 trucks.

Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes said the promised military equipmenttools will be delivered soon. …