University Centre Has Designs on the Right Solutions; POWER ELECTRONICS: Unit Offers Industry Access to State of the Art Equipment and Research Facilities through Range of Different Mechanisms

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THE Power Electronics Design Centre is seeking potential industrial clients who require technology or expertise for product design and development.

If you want to use its test and characterisation facilities, or model a power semiconductor device or power circuit contact the centre to discuss requirements.

It can design power control circuits for applications in switched mode supplies or motor control using up to date technologies and implementing the latest in power filtering and control techniques.

The centre can produce electronic designs for volume production or specialist applications with fully documented literature to give fast access to new markets.

It can train staff or aid in house design teams to achieve new designs and develop their own expertise. Or it can take away clients' requirements and develop a complete solution for a project or application.

The Power Electronics Design Centre at University of Wales, Swansea, has a strong research background in the field of power semiconductor device design and application.

It is able to access the expertise of several research teams in the University's Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and combines thermal modelling expertise with detailed device design and characterisation.

The centre offers industry access to its state of the art equipment and research through a variety of different mechanisms ranging from advice, training and short term consultancy, to longer-term contract research.

Aims The centre's director and staff have years of experience of working with industry. This is used to help the centre achieve its mission to work in partnership with business to provide practical and affordable access to world class research in power electronics.

Expertise Its core team has expertise in:

Power electronics devices and applications;

Variable speed drives;

Active and passive power filters;

Switched mode power supplies;

Modern control techniques;

Power circuit design;

Design of test equipment and test strategies. …