A Holistic Approach to Design and Energy Use; CENTRE FOR RESEARCH IN BUILT ENVIRONMENT: International Reputation Established

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THE Centre for Research in the Built Environment is located within the Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff University.

It has an established international reputation for research in the fields of environmental design and energy use of buildings, and urban sustainable development.

The centre brings a holistic inter-disciplinary approach to the effective and sustainable design, construction and operation of the built environment. Thus, the work of the centre is relevant to both the design and construction sectors.

Aims THE centre's long track record of research and consultancy is founded on the performance and energy consumption of buildings in use.

These activities have broadened to encompass all aspects of sustainable design and performance.

The centre's primary aim is to add value to the built environment by improving building performance and the quality of physical assets in the built environment.

Expertise BUILDING Environmental Design advice:

Architectural design and specialist environmental design advice;

Prediction of Building Performance: including computer modelling of energy use, ventilation and indoor air flow; scale modelling of wind impact on buildings, and sunlight and daylight performance;

Measurement of Building Performance: monitoring the energy use and the environmental performance for post-occupational surveys;

Urban Environment Planning:

developing of urban environmental planning tools for energy use, traffic flow, pollution management and health impact. …