'Promoting an Enterprise Culture Is Key to Economic Success' LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE: Committed to Finding out What the Business Community Wants and Supporting Regional Finance

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BUSINESS communities around the world have identified enterprise culture as a crucial factor in encouraging economic growth and inward investment.

In Wales, the Entrepreneurship Action Plan Steering Group, comprised of prominent business people and supported by organisations such as the Welsh Development Agency, told the National Assembly that the enterprise culture must be rewarded if Wales is to maintain a competitive business environment.

The Group has called for additional investment of pounds 87m over three years to help new business start-ups, train teachers and advisors to give entrepreneurship career advice, and provide 2,000 people a year with the chance to gain practical experience of enterprise.

It is hoped that these measures will entice more international companies to demonstrate their confidence in the Welsh people by investing in key business sectors such as electronics, information technology (IT), automotive, aerospace and call centres.

The Welsh business community also has an important ongoing role to play in promoting enterprise culture - both in terms of adapting their own business practices and through the support they provide for initiatives such as the Success Through Entrepreneurship conference being held in Cardiff on December 3.

At the conference, the London Stock Exchange, Eversheds solicitors, Rowan Dartington stockbrokers, and Bob Holt, chairman of the Mears group, are participating in a masterclass aimed at providing information for entrepreneurs.

Meredydd Jones, the Exchange's business development manager for South Wales, said, "Wales's growth and development over the past few years has been remarkable - and there is no reason why it shouldn't continue.

The Exchange recognises the importance of enterprise culture and is participating in this conference as it will further raise the region's profile."

Jones also spends a lot of time keeping in contact with the Welsh business community regarding regional issues. He said, "Companies - whether they are listed or not - need to know that the Exchange is keen to hear their views.

We want to be fully aware of issues that specifically affect Welsh companies so we are better placed to develop initiatives that tackle them. …