Club: Subculture @ Mas; in No Harri to Leave This Mas Production

Article excerpt

Byline: Alison Young

NOWADAYS you have to go upstairs instead of down for a bit of Subculture.

Does it matter? Well, yes and no.

Subculture of lore was the sum of its parts and the legendary subterranean venue, the Sub Club in Jamaica Street, was one of them.

But only one, while the workies are still toiling away resurrecting the original premises, we still have the other bits.

These include residents Harri and Domenic hosting what's regarded as the premier deep and funky house night in the UK, with the funkiest guests and an attitude to the music which is all about looking forward.

Moving from their fire-damaged premises to substitute venue at Planet Peach wasn't such a culture shock - it still had that underground feel, but what about the recent swanky Mas location?

Well, Mas isn't necessarily all that swanky. Minimalist with a touch of Japanese, it's got that industrial chic thing whereby you can place a couple of celebs beside the bar and it'll look Met Bar cool, but swap them with a few typical Subbies and it'll look Berlin bunker chic.

So you end up with a typical Subculture night but with the been-there-at-the-beginning, mature posse not feeling they have to don trainers to get in.

A few who would get rebuffed at Subculture's original venue look at home here, but Domenic doesn't think the vibe has changed: "We get some of the old Apartment crowd but you get the same hardcore up on the dancefloor as always."

Seemingly unaware these people would follow himself and Harri if they relocated their club to Kabul, he adds: "People were happy to move from The Peach to Mas because it's still got that dark and intimate feel - but it's cleaner."

On this night, Domenic and Harri have vacated centre stage to make way for guests Iz and Diz playing funky and weird. …