Should School Nurses Wear Uniforms? California Sschool Nurses Organization. (the School Nurse)

Article excerpt

The question of whether or not it is desirable for school nurses, employed by boards of education, to wear uniforms, or specifically "white uniforms" has arisen from time to time.

An investigation of the function of the school nurse in the school will reveal the fact that she works as an integral part of the school staff, attends teachers' meetings, visits classrooms, makes home visits, confers with pupils, administrators, teachers, parents, physicians, dentists and others, and serves as a resource person on school health. Her function is directly related to the educative process.

We will all agree that a child learns best when he is well physically and mentally, when he sees and hears well, and is free of remediable physical handicaps. The school nurse concerns herself with certain screening procedures, with the education of children and their parents regarding the importance of the maintenance of optimum health and the correction of defects which may exist.

The school nurse has many other functions, none of which are involved in the actual treatment of illness. It is true that she may give emergency care in the case of accident or illness, as do teachers, but treatment is held to be the responsibility of parents and of the community. …