Michigan History. (Bibliography)

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The history of the state of Michigan is, of course, the primary focus of the Michigan Historical Review. As I turn over my book review editor responsibilities to Dr. Timothy O'Neil, I thought it would be appropriate to conclude this series of bibliographies by providing readers with a select list of works on Michigan history. To evaluate the current state of scholarship on this topic, the Michigan Historical Review asked historical scholars to list those books they thought were the most significant in relating the history of Michigan. The following three lists reflect their responses: the most important monographs, the best surveys, and those books with the greatest appeal to the general public.

Among the monographs, Sidney Fine's Frank Murphy: The Detroit Years received the most votes, followed by Jeremy Kilar's Michigan's Lumbertowns, Steve Babson's Working Detroit, and another Sidney Fine book, Sit-Down. Among the surveys, Willis Dunbar and George May's Michigan: A History of the Wolverine State was the popular choice. Two Bruce Catton works, Waiting for the Morning Train and Michigan: A History, headed the general category.


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