Dist. 25 Refines P.E. Curriculum

Article excerpt

Byline: Cass Cliatt Daily Herald Staff Writer

School fitness isn't just about kids trying to avoid a big rubber ball in P.E. class.

The jump rope, hula hoops and balance beams kids use in Arlington Heights Elementary District 25, aren't selected at random just to find fun ways to get the students' hearts racing.

It's all part of a master plan in a physical education and health curriculum that District 25 recently updated to meet state standards.

The school had to categorize activities and students' abilities to meet skill levels in the following goal areas:

- Movement skills: promoting understanding of the importance of physical activity.

- Physical fitness: promoting self evaluation of fitness.

- Team building: promoting working with others through physical activity.

- Health promotion, prevention and treatment: ensuring kids understand prevention and treatment of illness and injury.

- Human body systems: teaching factors that influence growth.

- Communications and decision making: promoting decision making skills. …