Christmas Living: WHAT DOES YOUR XMAS TREE SAY ABOUT YOU?; EXPERTS Reckon That, Whether We Decorate Our Christmas Trees with Bags of Designer Baubles or Just a Few Ancient Family Favourites, Our Style Can Be Likened to Some of Our Favourite TV Stars. So Are You a Jamie Oliver or a del Boy When It Comes to Your Tinsel and Lights?

Article excerpt

PSYCHOLOGISTS say our Christmas trees can also reveal aspects of our personalities.

And a survey conducted to coincide with the publication of the Christmas edition of the Radio Times suggests that certain tree styles can be linked to particular TV characters.

From the replies of more than 600 people about their personalities and how they dressed their trees, psychologist and interior designer Dr Fiona Parker-Lewis concluded that the nation could be split into categories.

Can you match the TV personalities with the types of tree detailed below? Which do you most resemble?

Old Faithful

FAKE tree dragged down from the attic every year. Decades of accumulated decorations, three different sets of lights (only one of which works properly) and a mass of multi-coloured tatty old tinsel and Sellotape hiding the gaps.

Characteristics: hoarders, family traditions and community are important, loyal, absent-minded, sentimental, caring.

Las Vegas

LOPSIDED, metallic red, gold or silver tree smothered in plastic baubles, chocolate money, singing Santas, a flashing gold star and more lights than at Blackpool Illuminations. Characteristics: generous and welcoming, kind-hearted, magpie tendencies, flash, vivacious, free-spirited, childlike, enthusiastic. …