Byte Size: University Challenges Cyber Crime

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A UNIVERSITY course which will help investigators of computer crime is being launched early next year.

The course, which will be run by Cranfield University, is set to cover all aspects of gathering digital forensic evidence.

The MSc in Forensic Computing is aimed at law enforcement officers, financial consultants and managers at commercial organisations who are interested in data recovery.

Professor Tony Sammes, who is in charge of the course, said: "The course is about the extraction of evidence from digital devices and the presentation of this as admissible evidence in a court of law.

"The course is the first of its kind in the UK."

Aibo makes friends

SONY'S robot dog Aibo is helping Japanese hospital patients to cope with stress.

According to Dr Akimitsu Yokoyama, who runs a robot therapy program at Yamato Municipal Hospital, many children find it traumatic to be in hospital but Aibo quickly becomes their new friend, which they find very comforting.


Nice moves

WHEN moving your files around by dragging and dropping, it's easy to end up with lots of copies clogging up your hard disk. It you want to move some files from one folder to another, there are two foolproof ways. The first and slightly long-winded method is to select each of the files you want to move, then right-click on one of them and choose Cut from the list. Now open the folder you want to move them to, right-click in a space and choose Paste from the list. The second and quicker method is to select all of the files you want, click and hold the mouse button down on one of your selection. Now press Shift on the keyboard and drag your files into the new folder - this way, they will be moved rather that copied.


lMOBILE phone users can now adopt virtual pets which can be used to fight virtual battles. Pumpui pets can be accessed either on mobiles or over the internet, then interact with their owners and do battle with other virtual pets.

They can send presents to other pets or attack them with various weapons, including fleas and bombs.

lFOR those feeling stressed after the Christmas period, a mind-bending new site, Garden-of-choice, might prove a peaceful haven. …