Air Hostess Accused of Possessing Cocaine in Dubai Is Denied Bail; UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Welsh Woman Awaiting Retrial Has Now Been Held in Custody for 13 Months

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AN AIR hostess who is being held in the United Arab Emirates on drugs charges was yesterday denied bail.

Katherine Jenkins, 30, from Cimla, Neath, has been held in jail in the UAE for 13 months after being charged with possession of 50g of cocaine.

She was one of five foreign nationals denied bail at a hearing in a court in Dubai yesterday.

They included Daniel Mallouf, 29, an economics analyst of London and Anne Kidd, 32, whose nationality is not clear.

Both were convicted earlier this year in a separate court case in the neighbouring emirate of Ras al Khaimah of drugs offences.

Kidd and another Briton convicted in that case, Anne Hamilton, had their life sentences reduced on appeal to 10-year terms.

Mallouf's sentence was reduced from 10 to four years.

The fifth foreign national appearing in court yesterday was Stacey Simpson, of Britain, who is charged with drugtrafficking and possession.

The Shari'a court in Dubai ruled yesterday that those facing trial for serious crimes should not be given bail under any circumstances. …