Points of View: We Have Every Reason to Be Proud to Be British

Article excerpt

Byline: Rev Desmond Mock

THERE has been much fuss in the media lately about the new currency, the Euro, which has replaced so many national currencies across Europe, locking such nations into allowing their financial affairs to be controlled and organised by the Central Bank in Germany, at Frankfurt.

At a stroke the governments of the countries concerned have placed their economic destinies in the hands of foreigners, who are not accountable to either the people or the parliaments of the nations.

I find it extraordinary that such individualistic nationalities as the French and the Germans, whose cultures and histories and languages are so different, should opt for absorption into a monolithic centralised State, controlled from Germany and Brussels - for this is the stated objective of many of the European politicians.

Of course as an Englishman, whose father fought in the artillery of the 1914-1918 World War against Germany, and who fought as a volunteer pilot with the Royal Air Force against the Germans during the last World War, I find it abhorrent to think that our national destiny might in any way be controlled in the future by those very Germans whose past objective was to seize and dominate us by violence (and whose plans in 1942 included economic unity of Europe imposed by the German finance ministry and the Reichsbank - when they won that war!).

It could be conjectured that what they failed to do by war twice in the last century, they now succeed in completing by financial guile in this century - to their lasting advantage!

There must be many smiles in the banking houses of Germany at the thought of at last bringing those pesky 'Britishers' under their control. England was always their main target - they knew they could not rule the world unless we capitulated to them (and stayed firmly allied to the USA).

Let us be sure about this - whoever controls a nation's money controls that nation, and the next steps from a common currency will surely be common language, culture and probably religion. …