Dramatic Farewell Hersey High Dramatists Get Big Send-Off to State Theater Festival

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Byline: Fred Woodhams Daily Herald Staff Writer

An all-school assembly will send off Hersey High School dramatists this week just before they leave for a statewide festival.

Thirty-eight students from Hersey will leave today for the Illinois Theater Association State Festival where their production of "Kindertransport" will be among 10 productions performed out of about 200 that tried for the honor.

The festival, which lasts until Saturday, is expected to draw about 3,000 students and drama instructors from throughout the state.

At the send-off assembly, members of the cast and crew will be introduced to their schoolmates. After arriving in Bloomington- Normal they will perform the play at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Illinois State University's Stroud Theater.

Directed by Kyle Marquette with student director Caitlin Powalowski, the play is written by Diane Samuels and tells the story of Eva, a Jewish girl who escapes pre-war Nazi Germany and experiences survivor's guilt. She eventually grows up as Evelyn as an attempt to reinvent herself and lives in England. …